Festival of Quilts competition: Stitching through time

The Festival of Quilts 2018 competition theme will be 'Stitch(ing) through time'. This theme has been chosen to celebrate 300 years since The Guild's famous Silk Patchwork Coverlet was created in 1718. This is the oldest known piece of patchwork in the British Isles - it's very rare! Why don't you start thinking about what … Continue reading Festival of Quilts competition: Stitching through time

I Found this!

I have been wandering around Pinterest. It is just full of inspiration about so many things.  I was looking for stitched chickens for a YQ workshop when I found this 'Lucy Chicken'.  Here is the link to a free pattern.  Well, Easter is coming 🙂 Here's one that I made!

Wildlife Art

How amazing is this tiger embroidery??? I have been following the extremely talented Janine Heschl on instagram for a few months now and her work is simply stunning. See the tiger emerge from scratch and check out her other wildlife embroideries  at: https://www.instagram.com/textile_wildlife_art/