The Girl with the Bright Red Hair

We are lucky to have a guest on our blog this week…Jade from The Great British Sewing Bee! Read on to learn what it was like to be part of this fantastic competition!


My time on the sewing bee was truly amazing and I would do it all again. I will admit being under that kind of pressure to sew in a time limit was daunting but I soon learned to get on with it. My favourite moment behind the scenes had to be episode 1 when Patrick and Esme were judging my alteration challenge and Patrick said to me,

‘Come on Jade you’re the girl with the bright red hair, I expected more imagination!’

God how I hated those alteration challenges but that comment stuck and for the rest of the filming that’s what I got called and I knew then that it would be my brand name. My favourite episode has to be 5, when I won 60’s week with my jacket. I remember the day before saying to Mum that everyone else’s jackets seem so complicated and mine seem so simple, but Mum said,

‘Jade just go out there and make an amazing jacket that is pattern matched to perfection!’

So I did and when Patrick said my jacket was exceptional I was… well… I don’t think there are words to describe how I felt! Top tips for me would have to be make sure you have a sharp needle and use a good quality thread. My day to day life just consists of sewing and creating my Youtube videos which I absolutely love doing!


What to find out more about Jade’s work? Visit her youtube channel:


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