24 days till Christmas: Christmas cards

It’s December – so we’ve starting feeling very Christmassy here at Youngish Quilters!!  We’re going to bring you lots of ideas and inspiration for the festive season over the next few weeks – do let us know what you’re up to and send us any photos of your Christmas makes.

We’re starting our Christmas crafting with cards.  Making your own cards can be a wonderful way of showing your nearest and dearest how special they are to you.  It can also be very time consuming – but it doesn’t have to be.  Check out our cards below where we got creative with scraps of fabric and some Bondaweb / Heat ‘n’ bond – fabulous cards in super-quick time.



  • Scraps of Christmas fabric
  • Bondaweb / Heat ‘n’ bond or similar
  • Blank cards to decorate
  • Any other decorations you want to add to your cards – stickers / card scraps / ribbon etc


  1.  Decide what shapes you want to cut out of your fabric.  In the examples above we have used squares and a tree – you can use anything you want.  Draw the shapes onto the Bondaweb / Heat ‘n’ bond – remember to draw onto the paper side – and cut out roughly.
  2. Iron the Bondaweb / Heat ‘n’ bond shapes onto the wrong side of your Christmas fabrics – remember to iron with the paper side up.  It’s a good idea to use an ironing sheet if you have one to protect your iron.
  3. Cut out the shapes on the drawn line and remove the paper backing.  Position on your card blank with sticky side down / fabric side up and press.
  4. Once your shapes are stuck to your card you can decorate in anyway you want.  You could put stickers on, glue on beads or ribbon, or draw onto the card to add to your design.
  5. Don’t forget to post in time for Christmas!

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