13 days till Christmas: Deck the walls

kerstquilt 1

I bet you’d probably like to change up your home decor every now and then, but painting is messy and expensive and your parents might not appreciate it. Quilts provide a perfect solution for those who need a fresh environment from time to time, especially as they are an ideal way to mark the passing of the seasons. Plus, they insulate the walls against the cold outside! A perfect excuse to make MORE quilts.

The beauty above and below is my mum’s Christmas quilt, and when it goes up, it is a clear sign that Christmas is not far off. And once we have all eaten ourselves silly and are goggly-eyed from watching telly, it can just be taken down and replaced by a fresh January quilt, or indeed a bare wall! But if you are a bit more attached to Christmas, why not leave it up until you’ve finished your Easter quilt?

This way you’ll never run into that problem that most quilters encounter sooner or later, ‘running out of wall space’. Or at least, not quite as quickly.

p.s. Stored quilts should be rolled up, not folded, if at all possible.

kerstquilt 2

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