9 days till Christmas: Get your Cup Coat on!

Let’s just all take a second to admit that we always leave at least one Christmas present until the last minute. It’s ok, last year I made one present on Christmas Eve, so no judgement here!

Here’s something that you can make in one sitting, so it’s great as a last minute make. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you should make one anyway, call it Hygge and get lots of likes on Instagram!

You will need:


1. Christmas/winter Fabric A

2. Christmas/winter Fabric B

3. Wadding

4. Buttons x2

5. Small hair tie

6. Fusible web (I used Bondaweb when I made mine)

7. Mug

8. Tape measure


Measure the circumference and height of your mug. This will show you how big you want to cut your fabric and wadding.



I knocked 1 inch off for my width measurement, and 1/2 inch off for the height (9 inches x 2.5 inches).

Next cut your Fabric A and wadding to the size that you want.




Now make a sandwich, since you’re probably hungry at this point. Then make another sandwich of your fabric and wadding. Don’t eat that one.


Now quilt it! I used randomly spaced vertical lines on mine, but you can do whatever you like!


Now for some decoration! Take your fusible web and sketch something to applique on the top. I chose to do three stars.


Cut around your design, leaving yourself a little gap of fusible web around each bit, and iron on to the wrong side of your Fabric B.


Now cut those shapes out on the line and stick them to the Cup Coat.


Then you can stitch around your shapes to secure them properly to the fabric. I used a contrasting colour here to make the design pop out a little bit more.


Now we are going to make a ‘cheats’ binding. Take your fabric B and iron some fusible web onto the wrong side. Cut 3/4 inch wide strips from the fabric and fusible web, 2 that are as long as the long edge, and two that are as long as the short edge. Fold these strips in half and then iron this ‘binding’ on to the cup coat. Secure with with stitching.





Final stages; stick with me, you’ve done really well! Stitch on your two buttons, one on each short edge of the Cup Coat.


Finally, take your hair tie, put it around one of the buttons and stitch it so that it is held in place. This was a little bit fiddly the for the first few stitches when I did it, but then it suddenly came together, so don’t be put off if this is a little tricky at first.


DONE! Stick it on your cup and have a mince pie to celebrate!

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