3 days till Christmas: Jolly Robin




Background fabric 6” x 4”

Scraps of brown, red, green and yellow fabric


Fine thread for stitching picture

Thicker thread for robin legs.

robin pattern


Trace around your pattern shapes onto the paper side of the bondaweb and cut out each shape roughly.

Iron to chosen fabric

Cut out neatly.

Iron all shapes to background using the photo to help you.

Now you are ready to stitch around the shapes.


Stitching hints

For this simple stitching you can always start with a knot in your thread.

Always remember to finish your thread with a couple of stitches one on top of the other. On the long holly stitches just make a tiny stitch over and over on the end near the berries, which will be less noticeable.


Stitch around all lines of your robin with a simple ‘over and over’ stitch.



Start just where the red meets the brown and head towards the tail. As the fabric gets narrower, make your stitches smaller.

Beak – when you reach the beak make one long stitch to show the two halves (see above)

Eye – as you get near to the eye, move your needle to make a small stitch – check the photo.

When you get back to where you started you can then stitch across the top of the red piece.

Holly leaves – simply sew one long stitch on each to illustrate a vein.

Holly berries – little stitches as before.

Robin legs – you may like to mark gently with a pencil where each leg should be.

Tie a knot in the end of your thicker thread and bring needle from back of work at top of one leg.

Stitch one long stitch to the ankle.

Bring needle up at the end of one toe and back to ankle.

Bring needle up at end of the other toe and back to ankle.

Lastly, bring thread up at Robin’s ‘knee’ and make two tiny stitches to both make some knees and finish the thread securely.


This picture would look great in a frame



or on the front of a Christmas card.



I even used Bondaweb to stick the picture to the card!


Another thing I made is a little stuffed pillow with a ribbon handle so it could be hung on your Christmas Tree or be used as a door hanger.

IMG_6105 (1)



I taught this workshop at the Country Living Christmas Show and thought you might enjoy it too.  I have never had my own cameraman before!!



Heather Chalkley 2017



















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