FREE entry into new exhibition at The Quilters’Guild, York!

Contemporary Inspirations  will take place from 29th January to 2nd February 2018, 10am- 4pm at The Quilters’ Guild, St Anthony’s Hall, Peasholme Green, York.

We’re offering FREE entry for students and young people (up to 18 years old) – please email if you would like to attend.

This new exhibition offers an exciting chance to view some of the contemporary works in the unique Quilters’ Guild collection.

This week-long show will bring together many of our most recent acquisitions including Pauline Burbidge’s “Honesty Skyline”. The exhibition explores how fifteen quilters have developed their practice over the last twenty years, combining high levels of craftsmanship with innovations in printing and design. The artists included have been inspired by techniques and practices from all over the world, from traditional Inuit embroidery, to north country strippy quilts, to Japanese wall hangings.

Quilts continue to be an exciting, adaptable vehicle for artistic expression. Contemporary Inspirations takes a closer look at recent pieces, asking how textile art can respond to the challenges of the 21st century. Thought-provoking pieces respond to pressing issues such as homelessness and industrial farming, incorporating household waste and tyre treads alongside traditional silks and cottons.

For more info click the link below:

honesty skyline

Honesty Skyline by Pauline Burbidge, 2015


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