Fun Little Fish!

The Quilters Guild attends all the Knit and Stitch Shows. These shows are held every year in London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Harrogate and are great fun! There are exhibitions, demonstrations and lots of traders selling all sorts of supplies.

At Harrogate we always have a drop in sewing bee on the Guild stand, each year having a different little project for people to make. I want to show you the last project; a ‘fishy key ring’.

It is a simple little project, and you will need:

– One piece of fabric 5 ½” x 4”
– a small amount of stuffing
– a couple of little buttons for the eyes
– embroidery thread
– a split ring or key ring chain. You can always pinch the ring off one of your old key rings if you don’t want to go out and buy a new one!


Begin by folding your fabric in half lengthways and draw around the template with a pencil.

draw round template.png


Stitch on the line you drew leaving a little gap to turn the fish through.

stitch round line.png


Carefully cut around the fish shape about ¼” from your stitches and turn the fish through. Stuff the fish and sew the gap closed.

turn through and stuff.png


Now decorate your fish with some embroidery stitches. Look at the photographs to see what folks got up to at Knit and Stitch.

decoration examples.png


Add the button eyes or felt if you haven’t got any small buttons (remember there are often spare little buttons on the label inside your school shirts)!

Stitch the key ring or split ring to the nose of your fish and the job is done!!

Here are the instructions from Knit and Stitch with the template and a ruler to show the size. Have fun!

harrogate instructions.png


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