Rail Fence block

Time for another patchwork block!

You will need

Fabric A: 1 ¾ inch wide strips

Fabric B: 1 ¾ inch wide strips

Seam allowance: ¼ inch

Finished block: 12 inches x 12 inches

Rail fence 1.png


Pair up a strip from Fabric A and Fabric B and stitch them together length-ways using your ¼ inch seam

Rail fence 2.png

Iron out your seams and then cut your sewn strips into little blocks 3 ½ inches long, like this:

Rail fence 3.png

Keep doing this until you have 16 of these little squares. You can arrange them however you like, I went for this zig-zag kind of pattern

rail fence 4.png

We’re going to sew this block a row at a time. Stitch the squares into pairs, and then sew those pairs together

Rail fence 5.png

Rail fence 6.png

Rail fence 7.png

When you iron out these rows, you want to iron the seams of one row in the opposite direction to the row next to it, like this:

Rail fence 8.png

For those of you who made the 16 Square Block, you will know what I’m about to harp on about here. For those that didn’t (SHAME!) ironing out your seams this way will make sure that you end up with a really accurate finish.

Lay a pair of your rows right sides together, and line ‘em up. Push those opposite lying seams into each other, and they should match up perfectly!

Rail fence 9.png

Rail fence 10.png

Pin your rows together, starting out by placing a pin on either side of your seams, and then pinning the bits in-between so that you feel comfortable with it.

Rail fence 12.png


Then go ahead and stitch your rows together, and repeat until you have a full block.

Rail fence 13.png

Just like last time, you can use this block for whatever you like, in whatever size you like. There are no real rules here, just guidelines, so go and follow your creative bliss!

Wow, that really changed into a cheesy greetings card right at the end there, let’s move on shall we? Happy making, friends!


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