Strip-Pieced Needle Case

Make a case for storing your needles using the ‘stitch and flip’ technique sewn onto a foundation.  You can make it in whatever fabric you like – you only need small pieces so it’s a great project to use up your scraps, as well as being a useful item for your sewing box.

needle case1


  • 1 piece of foundation fabric (plain cotton or calico) – approx 24 x 14cm
  • 1 piece of lining fabric – same size as foundation
  • 1 piece of wadding – same size as foundation
  • 2 pieces felt – same size as foundation
  • Strips of colourful fabric
  • Threads and basic sewing kit


a)  Strip piece the outside of your needle case – start your patchwork by putting a strip face up at one side of your foundation fabric and then pin a second piece face down on top of it.
needle case2
It doesn’t matter if your strips are wider than your foundation – just make sure they do cover the full width.

b)  Sew along the edge of the strips using a ¼” seam. Sew through both strips and the foundation.  Then press the strips open.  Keep adding strips in the same way and pressing them open until your foundation is completely covered.

needle case3

c)  When your patchwork is complete, trim to measure 24 by 14cm.  Decorate the patchwork using hand or machine stitching.

d) Put the layers together – lay your wadding down first, then the patchwork (right side up) and then lining on top (right side down). Sew around the edge, leaving a gap for turning.

e)  Clip the corners and turn through. Sew up the gap and top stitch around the edge of the case (optional).

f)  Measure the case – cut two pieces of felt approximately an inch smaller in length
and width. Use pinking shears for a decorative edge.

g)  Fold the case and felt in half. Place felt inside case, lining up centre fold.  Sew through all layers along fold.

needle case

h)  Close your case and you are ready to use it.

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