Festival Inspiration

Last week we told you about the theme for this year’s Festival of Quilts competition.

‘Stitching Through Time’ was chosen to celebrate the 1718 coverlet, and there’s loads of ways to draw inspiration from this gorgeous piece of sewing; I mean, look at it!

However, like we said you don’t need to stick to the 1817 coverlet in your design. You can interpret ‘Stitching Through Time’ as widely or as narrowly as you like. So, to give you an idea of the kinds of directions you can go, we thought we’d show you some old competition pieces.

First off, here’s a few pieces which stuck to the competition theme pretty closely. The theme for this one was ‘Space’:

This one was ‘My Region’:

This next one was for Festival of Quilts, theme of ‘Chocolate’:

This next one had a theme of ‘Buttons, Beads and Bows’. Now that’s quite non-specific, kind of like ‘Stitching Through Time’, so there was a lot more wriggle room for interpretation:

This last piece was made for the theme ‘Time and Space’. As you can see this one goes pretty wide in its interpretation, and plays on the theme by going with ‘time in your own space’ as the main subject:

So essentially what we’re trying to say is, you can really do whatever you want. As long as you’re making something that you like, it’ll look great on display at the Festival of Quilts in August!

Click here for the online registration form!

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