FOQ Challenge – My first quilt

As Festival of Quilts is fast approaching, the organisers have set a warm up challenge to get everyone talking about their quilting journey.  The challenge starts today – it’s mainly an Instagram challenge but, as the Youngish Quilters team need no encouragement to talk quilts, we decided we’d bring it over to the blog.

Today’s prompt is My First Quilt and we’ve asked Sarah to share a bit about the first quilt she ever made.


Sarah – I grew up in a crafting family.  For as long as I can remember I was encouraged in embroidery, sewing, knitting and so on (boredom was not an option!) but I’d never tried quilting.  When I was 13 my mum convinced me to accompany her to a quilt talk at the group she went to – I was only going to go for one meeting but I was amazed by all the gorgeous, wonderful quilts I saw and I knew this was something I wanted to do.

I decided to make my quilt in black, white, grey and red – this was the early 90s, and that was very fashionable!  Members of the group gave me bags and bags of fabric to get me going, and tons of support and encouragement.


Back then I had hardly any experience of using a sewing machine, and, to be honest, they kind of scared me – so I set off making patchwork blocks by hand.  I used the traditional, hand-stitched ‘patchwork over papers’ method – known as English Patchwork, or EPP.


Traditional quilt blocks usually have one or more names and I chose all my blocks because of their names.  I picked those which represented things in my life or things I liked – like Sarah’s Favourite and Miss Jackson for my name or Milkyway to represent my love of chocolate.


The quilt took me quite a long time to put together as it is all pieced and quilted by hand.  I was so proud of this quilt when it was finished – and although I’ve made lots of quilts since, I am still very pleased with my first quilt.


Tell us about your first quilt in the comments below.  Or hop over to Instagram to post your first quilt and see more posts in the challenge.  The hashtag is #foqwarmupchallenge – we can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories.

Back tomorrow with more from the challenge.

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