FOQ Challenge – My fabric stash


Today’s instalment of the Festival of Quilts warm up Instagram challenge comes courtesy of Laura. The topic is My fabric stash.

Laura – Surely it is a prerequisite for a quilter to love fabric? I’m no exception! I think my love of fabric started when I was a kid. My mum used to make many of our clothes, mostly from fabric bought cheaply at the market. My most favourite dress was a baggy one with pockets, made of this orange and blue checked fabric:


When I got married a few years ago, I asked my mum if she still had any of it left (I wanted to make a purse to go with my – wait for it – orange and blue wedding dress), and lo and behold! I haven’t yet decided what to do with the rest of this precious piece of family history …

Speaking of fabrics cheaply bought at the market, here’s a little vintage number I snapped up for 1 euro per metre a few years ago.


Many opportunities to combine that with other colours, maybe stripes … but once again I am overwhelmed by choice, and the fabric stays – for now – safely in the cupboard.

At the other end of the spectrum, again in the ‘I love this, but don’t know what to do with it’ category, are my reproduction historic Dutch chintz fabrics from a gorgeous little shop in Amsterdam.


They are a little bit shiny and so beautiful. I also have a pack of pre-cut squares. These fall squarely in the ‘too nice to cut up’ category!

Part of the fun of a fabric stash for me is the memories my fabrics hold. Some I may have used for a baby quilt, some are oldies from my mum, some I have swapped, some I have bought on holiday. These two below I didn’t buy myself, but were a gift from someone else who had gone to New Zealand (they are based on traditional Maori patterns).


Hmm… I’m starting to see a pattern here (see what I did there?). The trouble with my stash is that is is waaaaay too full of patterns, which I love, but you do need the occasional plain fabric to balance them out with, so I’m trying to be disciplined and buy plain instead.

I just like looking at my fabrics. That’s why I decided to Konmari my stash a little while ago (see above) – it’s not huge, but big enough that I could no longer find what I needed easily, and now I can see everything in one go. I keep my fabrics in a wooden drawer, which I think is not ideal for the longterm life of the fabric – that’s why I’ve lined the drawer with acid-free tissue paper.

My last one is a fabric I just couldn’t leave in the shop (despite its slightly nauseating pinkness):


It’s a narwhal fabric! LOVE.

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