FOQ Challenge – Work in Progress

My Work in Progress at the moment is my entry for Festival of Quilts, which is kind of appropriate for the #foqwarmupchallenge. Or maybe just unimaginative…

For today’s post I thought I’d take you through my design process for this quilt.

First off, full disclosure: I am not the best at finishing things. This is why I was always settled on this quilt being a Festival entry, because otherwise it would more than likely end up in my wardrobe with my other two unfinished quilts. I’ll get to them one day I swear.

Fairly early on I decided that I wanted to enter into the Modern Quilt category, and I also decided that I wanted to have a sound wave as the basis for my quilt. I found that the Voice Memos app on my phone converts what you say in to a fairly blocky looking sound wave which I figured that I could turn into a quilt design without too much difficulty. Also, I kind of liked the idea that there could be a secret message hidden in a quilt.

I played around with a few recordings of songs and book quotes, but most things ended up creating a wave that was way too long to work with. Then a friend of mine introduced me to the poet Rupi Kaur. If you haven’t heard of her, you can find a lot of her work on Instagram.

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A post shared by rupi kaur (@rupikaur_) on

Her poems are short, beautiful and empowering, and one of them gave me the perfect basis for my quilt! I’m not going to tell you which one, because that’s my secret!

Next, I looked for a colour palette which I felt suited the tone of the poem that I’d chosen, and landed on this:

I added in an extra pink and a rose gold metallic fabric, because I was just feeling a bit pink and sparkly at the time.

Here is a picture of the quilt a few weeks ago, when it was sunny and I was looking for a good Instagram picture. It’s come on a bit since then, and I’ve now finished the patchwork

Here’s hoping I get it finished in time!


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