FOQ Challenge – Proudest Project

Well I just checked the date on the back of my proudest project and it says 2003 – so I really ought to do something else!!  You will have been a baby if you are a Youngish Quilter when this happened.

For two years or so before 2003, there had been excitement building because the UK was to get a big quilt show to match those we had heard about in the United States. It was to be called Festival of Quilts.  I decided I had better enter a quilt in this exciting show.  I left it fairly late, which is the way I usually roll!  With just a couple of months I made the decision to enter miniature quilts ……. this was very naive of me – I learned pretty quickly that just because they are small, miniature quilts don’t take less time. If anything, because they are so fiddly they take longer than large one!!  Too late I had entered.

I chose log cabin which is a favourite of mine.  Off I went.  Steadily to start with and more frantically as the time ticked by.  Sometimes the stitching went well, sometimes not.  Unpicking was almost impossible and then when I came to quilting it, the border went suddenly very baggy.  I had to quilt it really heavily to try and squash the bagginess and cut curves in the edges also to try and lose the bagginess :-/

Alice who writes for this blog and sorts out the Instagram is my daughter; she was only 12 at this time and doesn’t remember me being stressed and grumpy as one of the better times in her life!! 🙂  For the last 2 or 3 days before I had to get the quilt in the post, I don’t think I even cooked meals …. luckily she, her brother, and my husband are quite resourceful and didn’t actually starve!

I dashed to the post office on the day before the quilts had to be in (so had to pay more for next day delivery) and when the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted to insure the package, I said ‘no, just get it away’.  I wasn’t very happy with my quilt – in fact I was totally fed up with it.

The great day arrived and I was at this new fantastic show.  I had signed up for an all day workshop on the first day so didn’t have time to see the quilts.  Never mind, I had three more days!  Then I bumped into a friend who said ‘well done, I see you have won a prize!’  Amazingly I won the miniature section at the first Festival of Quilts!!  I still can’t quite believe it – and as you know – I have had 15 years to get used to it 🙂

So here is the quilt.  It is 30cm square.  I like it much better now – I liked it as soon as I won £500!!  It will never go in the post again.




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