Meet Youngish Quilter: Mathilda Tate

Tilda Ward

Through my school, I’ve started working towards my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award  which is split into 3 sections- one being skill. You can do pretty much anything for your skill section, so I chose quilting as I already do quite a lot outside of school and you need to do an hour a week for three months. As I started a few months before Christmas, I decided to make some small festive pieces to sell at a local craft fare- I also had quite a few scraps of Christmas fabric left from the last few years which I wanted to use up. So up until December, I spent ages making wooly hat decorations and small cushions and stockings. The sale went surprisingly well! And, as well as enjoying making everything, I had already completed the first two months of my skill section.

rabbit tila

With only a month to go, I focused on a single project that would last me a while. I scoured Pinterest and found an image of a machine quilted hare, which I immediately loved. I recreated it using a bunch of brown and yellow scraps. Machine quilting has always been one of my favourite aspects of quilting, so I really loved adding detail to the hare, like the eyes and shading around the neck. I would definitely recommend doing DofE to anyone considering, so far its been a great experience!

We thank Mathilda for sharing her quilting experience and wish her luck for completing her DofE!

Are you a Youngish Quilter with a quilt or project you would like to share? We would love to hear from you, please contact:


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