Workshops at The Festival of Quilts


The Festival of Quilts is held every year at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. This year the Festival runs from 11 to the 14 August.

You are a Youngish Quilter and so you would love Festival.  It is huge and full of quilts and quilt related things.  There are thousands of actual quilts; some in the many competition categories and some in gallery spaces.  Also there are lots and lots of stalls selling fabric, thread, equipment and lots of other things you didn’t even know you wanted or needed!!  However something else that is really brilliant are all the workshops and demonstrations on offer so that you can learn all sorts of new things.

I work in the Children’s Workshop.  We hold workshops every morning and afternoon of the Festival (each one different) for kids aged 8 years upwards.  We have a lovely workshop space which is sponsored by the Brother Sewing Machine Company which means we get 10 sewing machines to use in the workshops.  We have great fun and some kids come back year after year.  In fact two members who came right at the beginning, have grown up and are now helping us in the workshops!!


As you are a Youngish Quilter I think you would also be fine in some of the workshops aimed at the adults.  There is a whole section of classes called ‘Quick and Easy’.  They only last an hour and for the fee you pay all equipment is provided there are loads and loads of them and they are all advertised on the website here.  The Children’s Workshops say CW next to them in the listings.  There are other workshops that take half a day and others the whole day.  If you are coming to the show for more than a day, they can be great too and always say if they are for ‘beginners, intermediate or advanced quilters’.


So I hope you can come to the Festival of Quilts this year or another year in the future, if you do, think about signing up for a workshop with us at ‘the Children’s Workshop’ or one of the other many on offer.  Pop by and say hello  to us at the Children’s Workshop -we would love to see you 🙂

TOP TIP – if you haven’t pre booked a workshop, go straight to the workshop booking desk when you get into the show because some workshops will have spaces and sometimes folks send their tickets back if for some reason they can’t make it.

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