FOQ Competition

It’s day 3 of Young Quilter’s Week, and in the spirit of celebrating our community of Youngish Quilters I thought we should take a look at last year’s competition entries!

Before we throwback to last year, if any of you Youngish Quilters have entered Festival this year and are going to be there at any point, please come and over to the Young Quilters workshops and say hi! I’ll be featuring all the of Youngish entries on our Instagram account, and it would be great to put some faces to names!

Enough talk, lets go:


‘Free’ by Ruth Wilkinson


‘The Burning of the Books’ by Jasmine Derbyshire


‘Free as a Bird’ by Francesca Arlett


‘Freedom Bound’ by Hannah Goldsmith


‘Muryo’ by Mathilda Ward


‘I Am Free Too’ by Catherine Crees


‘Free as a Bird’ by Dorotea Shaw


‘Free in Wonderland’ by Mia Arditi

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