My FOQ Art Quilt

Hi! My name is Rachel and I have attended Festival of Quilts for the past five years. I love everything about festival: the workshops, the lectures, meeting up with friends and of course the shopping! But I think my absolute favourite part of the show is seeing all the wonderful quilts on display. What a creative bunch of people we have in the quilting community! Last year, I decided to create a quilt for the art quilt category. I absolutely love art quilts and was so inspired in previous years that I thought it was about time I attempted to make my own.

For me, art quilts successfully merge a variety of mediums so that was my starting point. I wanted to make a quilt which allowed me to incorporate all of my favourite techniques. I started by collecting some hand dyed fabrics in shades of grey. I also screen printed some of my own fabric using a Thermofax screen. The quilt top is improv pieced (my favourite technique as it involves very little accuracy)  I enjoyed not really knowing what it would turn out like. The only careful decisions I took was the fabric placement so I would get the colour gradient I wanted.


Once the quilt top was constructed, I set about adding the details. For the wording, I created a stencil out of freezer paper and used fabric paint. I also used some stamps to create some shapes which I could add more detail to later on.

IMG_0369 I kept my quilting fairly simple and quilted in wavy lines. Once the quilting was done, I added some hand stitching to create some areas of interest and that was my 2017 entry for the Festival of Quilts finished: Creative Autonomy.

I was so proud to see it hanging at festival and I received some lovely judges comments. I would thoroughly recommend entering the quilt competition. It’s great to make something for such a huge event knowing that there will be lots of like-minded people there to appreciate your hard work! Why not start planning your entry for 2019?IMG_0373

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