5 days till Christmas

With only five days to go, most people will probably have decorated their house by now to cheer up the December gloom. But just in case you’ve been too busy to get round to it, or if you want your very own Christmas tree, I present to you the alternative to the traditional evergreen tree: the Festive Stick!


The Festive Stick is a good alternative if you are too skint to buy a tree or if you feel sorry for the tree having to give up its life just to brighten up our interiors for a few weeks. Sorry, did I empathise a bit too much there?

The upsides of the Festive Stick are, firstly, that it is low-cost to free. My Festive Stick, for example, was found on the road after storm Deirdre or whatever it was called. We bore it home triumphantly, drilled a hole in a wooden log for its base and hey presto, Festive Stick! Definitely better than this £40 bundle of twigs from a certain retailer!

Secondly, I guarantee you won’t feel bad when you get rid of Festive Stick after the holidays. You are only after all returning it to the environment it came from, and have given it a chance to shine after it was brutally torn off in the wind.

Of course, you may have a garden with attractive trees or shrubs in it, in which case you might just want to nip out with the secateurs. Alternatively you can visit a florist’s who will have something suitable available.


The downsides of Festive Stick may include difficulties balancing it due to its homegrown, possibly lopsided nature. But stash some pressies at the base and you should be okay.

My particular Festive Stick (in reality an elegant bit of birch) is also peculiarly difficult to photograph, which is a downside if you simply must share your Christmas decorations with the ‘gram.

Finally, Festive Stick may not have as many helpful sticky-outy twigs to attach baubles to, so extra clips or hooks may be required.


I apologise for the terrible photography – I was trying to take a good shot in the dark without including the seizure-inducing flashing lights from next door, or the mess in our living room.

Enjoy decorating your Festive Stick!

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