4 days till Christmas

If you are anything like me, you’ve not even started wrapping your presents yet. So allow me to suggest wrapping with fabric!

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🌟 ECO FRIENDLY GIFT WRAPPING 🌟 Every Christmas we throw away enough wrapping paper to cover over 11,000 football pitches ⚽️ If you ask us, that’s A LOT of unnecessary waste 🗑 Yes glittery wrapping paper may look pretty under the tree, but most of it is non-recyclable ♻️ Not to mention the thousands of trees that are cut down for its production 🌳 Commercial wrapping paper often contains plastic, which is what gives the glittery/metallic effect ✨ Add on the sellotape and you have a material very difficult to recycle, as such, it will be used for minutes and discarded in a landfill 🚛 . But we’re not Scrooge, Christmas wrapping can still be festive and eco-friendly! 🤩 Here’s our top recommendations: . 💝 Use paper tape/washi tape or avoid sellotape all together. Instead, seal up your gift with reusable string or ribbons 🧵 . 💝 Furoshiki Wrapping: Super sustainable, cost friendly and mega unique 🌷 This traditional Japanese method, is a way of wrapping gifts up with a cloth 🧣 No tape required! There are some beautiful fabrics that will look super effective under the tree, plus you can reuse the fabric year round (even a tea towel would work)!🎄There’s tons of creative Furoshiki wrapping techniques, check YouTube for some great tutorials. For a lazy (yet equally effective version), we use our @marleysmonsters bento bags. We’re sure your giftee will love the extra bag! 😉 . 💝 Brown Paper: Brown paper is a lot more exciting than it sounds! Decorate with your own designs and add string or ribbon to jazz it up 🎀 If you want to go the extra mile, add some pine cones, baubles or cinnamon sticks to your bow 🍁 . 💝 Newspaper: Super simple and the ultimate way to reuse! 📰 Wrap up your gifts with any old newspaper you have lying around – no effort required! 🗞 . 💝 Fabric Bag: Instead of a gift bag, put your gift in a produce bag or any small reusable bag 🛍 #saynotosingleuse . 💝 Recyclable Wrapping Paper: If you’re still set on wrapping up your presents the traditional way, HK based @thelionrockpress has some gorgeous Christmas prints on sustainably sourced, fully recyclable paper! ♥️ . Let us know how you will be wrapping up your gifts this year! 🙌🏼 📷: Pinterest Unknown

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This gorgeous technique is called Furoshiki. It’s a Japanese method of wrapping items for transport, but it also makes a beautiful way of wrapping your gifts. And in the spirit of reducing, reusing and remaking, your lucky friend now has a beautiful piece of fabric to add to their stash!

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