Magical Adventures

Would you like to take part in our next competition? The YQ AGM Challenge is open to all Young Quilters aged 5 to 18 years old.

The 2019 YQ AGM Challenge theme is ‘Magical Adventures’. This theme is inspired by Region 10 where the AGM will take place in Nottingham. Region 10 has a history of magical stories and wondrous and colourful characters. Have you heard of Robin Hood, The Legend of Gotham (Batman), The Griffin of Griffydam and The Lincoln Imp? They all originated from Region 10! Check out these links for some ideas:
Gotham / Batman
Leicestershire Stories

You could look closer to home and think about any magical stories from where you live? Or you could explore magical adventures, stories and characters in books and films such as Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Marvel!

Visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration and lots of pictures! Click here
For information on how to enter this competition and the exciting prizes you could win please click here.

If you’re not a YQ, why not join now and take part!? Visit

quilt advert agm 2019

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