Little Fabric Collage


This project involves using an iron with Bondaweb (or similar), 



To make a picture similar to this, choose some bright fabrics and add some Bondaweb or similar to the reverse of each.  Follow manufacturers instructions for this.


Cut some background fabric and a piece of wadding.  Mine is 6 inches square and I didn’t add a backing fabric, but you could if you wanted to.

I didn’t draw any of the shapes, but just used my scissors.  This gives a bit of a random feel to the design.  Of course, if you would prefer to draw on the Bondaweb paper before cutting that is just fine 🙂  I used ordinary scissors and pinking shears which have a serrated edge for the wavy piece.

Remove the paper from the back of your shapes and arrange them on the backing.  I slid the house and tree trunk underneath the hill to avoid any little spaces.


Before you use the iron to stick the shapes, check carefully that they are all glue side down.  If they are the wrong way up they will stick to the iron.  To be extra safe, use a piece of grease proof paper or copy paper over the top of your collage before you iron – then if any are the wrong way up they will stick to the paper.



I left some of the tiny pieces off until I had ironed the larger pieces – it did start to get a bit tricky to keep it all still and together.


When you have all your pieces stuck to the backing fabric, layer the picture with the wadding and backing if you are using some.


Now you can add stitches.  Mine is all hand stitched.  DON’T PANIC!!!  It is fun and not tricky.  If you look at my photos, the stitches are all quite big and easy.  If you aren’t confident, all your stitches could be running stitch – that is just in and out ordinary stitches.  But I am guessing you could manage a cross stitch 🙂  There are lots and lots of tutorials on Youtube for stitches.  By watching someone showing you how to make stitches it is much easier than looking at diagrams in books.  Look up ‘running stitch’ ‘cross stitch’ ‘chain stitch’ ‘fly stitch’ ‘French knot’.  Or ask someone you know – mums and grans can be very helpful:-))


Just have a go.  Don’t worry about it being tidy on the back, mine isn’t!


No one else will get to see the back!!!

You can use any type of thread you can find.  I have some thread made specifically for embroidery, but you don’t have to use that.  Ordinary sewing machine thread will do just as well and you can double it up in your needle to make it thicker and show up.  Even fine knitting wool might be suitable.  Use what you have.



I have popped my picture into a cheap frame I bought from that Swedish flat pack place, but I am also thinking it would make a super special greetings card or as a patch on a bag or book cover.


See what designs you can come up with.  We would LOVE to see them.

Happy stitching !



PS  You may notice I have two pictures in my photographs.  Yes – I forgot to take photos for this blog post whilst I was stitching the first one.  DOH!  I just got a bit carried away again :-)))

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