BBC Get Creative DAY 7: Graffiti Doodles

This is just a quick little project when you just want to relax and sew. Nothing difficult to find, you can just do it!




  • Background fabric (plain)
  • Wadding or another fabric layer
  • Backing
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Pens
  • Stamps and ink pad
  • Embellishments
  • Wool scrap




Take your background fabric and start to make some doodles/marks on it. I had a quick look at Google Images to see some actual graffiti. Use a biro, or pencil or crayon or rubber stamps with ink. None of these markers need to be anything special. You are going to stitch over some of the marks…… if at a later date some of it fades or gets washed off …… just add it back!



Put your fabric layers together and use your sewing machine and different colour threads to stitch on some of the marks. Make extra marks with decorative stitches. Out line shapes that are difficult to stitch. Just do whatever you feel. I went back in with more rubber stamps. (I have an enormous collection of stamps …. I just can’t resist a good one) 🙂


When you run out of time or inspiration. Finish off the edge of your piece. Actually, take a look at it… do you like all of it or do you want to cut the best bit out and make just a little coaster or patch for a bag? When you have decided on the finished size, straight stitch as close as you can to the edge all the way round. Now go round. Go round again this time with a zig zag stitch. Now, take your wool scrap and lay it over the zig zag stitches and stitch over again with another zig zag. This can all be done with one colour or change the colour for each round. Build it up until you are happy with the edge. If you leave a tail of wool at the beginning you can tie the end of the wool like I have.



If you are bothered by little gaps in your edge stitches … here’s a tip – use a felt tip to colour it in!! I often do this, don’t tell anyone

When all the sewing with the machine is done, you could add some embellishments.. buttons, badges etc



Job done!


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