BBC Get Creative Day 8: Inkle loom weaving


It’s just a small step from loving fabric to wanting to make your own fabric – and that usually means either knitting or weaving. Weaving can require rather large equipment, but if you just want to have a go, then inkle loom weaving is fun to try out.

An inkle loom is a simple wooden structure with pegs on it around which you warp up your threads. It looks complicated, but there are useful videos on YouTube to help you work it out. You can use different colours to achieve fun effects. You end up with a narrow woven band, which you can use as a hairband, waist tie, bracelet, strap or hat band. Apparently, ‘inkle’ means ‘ribbon’ or ‘tape’ and you can make quite a strong product.

Inkle looms can be bought, but they are not too hard to make if you are handy with wood or know somebody who is.


The image below shows how the loom works: the two different strands of colour are ‘opened up’ by being fed over and under a peg, and the weft goes across them.



My attempt was pretty straightforward and simple, but lots of different designs are possible and you can use your woven ribbons in so many different ways.

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