A finished mini-quilt!

Did you enjoy our week-long Get Creative special on the blog?  We hope you were inspired to flex your creative muscle, whether that was trying something new or spending a bit of extra time on one of your favourite crafts.  At the every least, we hope you enjoyed reading about all the different ways we like to get creative.

As well as trying some new crafts, I have also been working on my quilting and today I have a finished mini-quilt to show you.  At the beginning of April I posted about the Kiss Block – my current favourite patchwork block.

Kiss block 8

In my blog post I showed you how to make an 8 1/2″ block, but I also tried out a mini one – and I loved it!  So much in fact, that I made 64 mini blocks, each 3″ finished, to make a mini-quilt of kisses.

I used a wide range of low volume fabrics for the backgrounds and then my scraps of my favourite modern prints in a rainbow of colours for the kisses.


The size of the blocks meant that I was just using scraps – so plenty left for a future project!

I quilted the mini in straight lines – simple but very effective.  And here’s my finished piece:


Do let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below – we love to hear your creative news.

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