Look what Lucy did!


A few years ago, I was the Young Quilter Officer in Scotland and during that time, I met Lucy Hope, who was probably about 9 years old.  She came to a few workshops of mine with her sister Katy and indeed Alice.Roses!

Recently I heard that Lucy has just graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in ‘Printed Textiles”. WOW how amazing!

She was invited to exhibit at ‘New Designers’ at the Islington Business Centre in London.  This is a two week show where graduates in all sorts of design from Universities all over the UK,  show their work and hopefully be seen/noticed by employers.

Great!  A chance for me to go and see her and what she has created.  I took the train to London.


I asked Lucy if she minded me asking her about her work and sharing it on our Youngish Quilters Blog.  She did not mind at all.

Standing next to her exhibit which looked completely amazing, we had a chat

Heather – When did you know you wanted to go to Glasgow School of Art?

Lucy – I have always loved art and sewing and my mum has always encouraged me.  We often played games that involved making things.  I was always drawing.

H – Which subjects did you need to take at school to help you to get a place at GSoA?

L– I took English, Modern Studies, French, Advanced Art, Graphics, Psychology, Media Studies.  GSA like students to have a broad range of subjects and especially English because there is a lot of essay writing through the 4 year course.

H – How did the course work?  Did you know from the start you were going to concentrate on printed textiles?

L– No not at all. The course lasted 4 years and for the first 2 years we could try all sorts of things, print, knit, weave and embroidery.  I tried quite a few things that didn’t work for me, but that was OK.  It was all part of the learning process and we were encouraged to try lots of things.  

In the end I was deciding between Printed Textile and Knit. For my final year project I had been interested in education, especially with pre school children.  I have always loved colour and my work has become very vibrant.  Children start out as a complete blank canvas.  By encouraging them to use their imaginations through fun learning they can develop and grow.

H – So are your designs inspired by children’s art?

L– My work is inspired by the importance of imagination through play and creativity. I used children’s art as part of my research, how they express themselves through drawing and playing. I love how children draw, the proportions and shapes that they use, showing the ways they are processing information that they observe.

H – I see you have won an award! Can you explain what that is?


L– It’s ‘Epson Award’  I have been invited to work with ‘Epson’ and to participate in a design project, creating a collection of interior décor or fashion design.   I will eventually be taken to Paris and my work will be printed. The designs will be showcased on an Epson stand at a trade exhibition!

H – That is amazing Lucy!  You have done SO well.  What are you hoping for your future career?

L – Thank you! I want to continue to produce designs that will spread fun and make people happy.  I am working on a book full of illustrations that I hope will encourage children to talk and come up with their own ideas.

H – Its been so lovely to see you and your stand here at ‘New Designers is just so vibrant and full of fun.  Good luck with everything that you do from here😁


Instagram : @loosiehoap

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