Block – The Queen’s Favourite

After the excitement of Festival of Quilts I just wanted to get home and sew!  I find the more time I spend with quilts and other quilters, the more I want to do – it really inspires me.  Hopefully you are finding some time to sew over the holidays.

Today I’m sharing instructions for a great quilt block which I know as The Queen’s Favourite – although many quilters call it the Granny Square block, as it’s very similar to crocheted ‘granny squares’. Although this block is a traditional one, it can look super-modern in the right fabrics – just one reason I love it.


The instructions here are for a 12” block.  All the cutting for this block is done in squares – some are then cut across the diagonal to create half and quarter-square triangles, so be aware of bias edges which can stretch so make sure you handle them carefully.


Fabric Size Quantity
Centre square 33/8” x 33/8 1
Colour 1 (green on photo) 33/8” x 33/8 4
Colour 2 (orange on photo) 33/8” x 33/8 8
Background 3¼” x  3¼” 2
Background 5¾” x 5¾” 2


  1. Cut the large background squares in half across the diagonal and then in half again across the other diagonal to make four small setting triangles.
  2.  Lay out the squares and triangles to form the pattern as in the photograph – you will just be missing the corners from the block. Stitch the pieces together in diagonal rows.  When adding the setting triangles, ensure you match the right angle of the triangle to the corner of the corresponding square – the point will extend past the other end.IMG_20151228_171349007
  1. Iron the seams in opposite directions (think about the fabrics in your block to choose the direction of the pressing). Join the rows together.  Press.
  1. Cut each of the small background squares in half across the diagonal once to make two triangles. Add these to the corners of the block – matching middles.  You may wish to trim the ‘ears’ which stick out underneath these corners.
  2. Trim the block to 12 ½” square – you should have ¼” seam allowance past each point on the outside of the block.

What Next?

If you enjoyed making this block, why not make some more?  Several of these blocks will make a great quilt – it’s particularly good for using up scraps as part of a ‘granny square quilt’ is that no two blocks are the same.  Why not look at the links below for some inspiration – and don’t forget, if you make a block or two (or a whole quilt!) please do send us photos.

Blue Elephant Stitches

Wombat Quilts

Quilt Story

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