Great British Quilter – Instagram

Are you an Instagram user? We love Instagram here at Youngish Quilters – our Instagram Feed can be found at YoungishQuilters.

There’s a super fun photo challenge on Instagram at the moment called Great British Quilter. It’s hosted by Sarah Ashford and Lucy Brennan and is described as “a month of getting to know one another, sharing stories, inspiration, and most of all our love of all things British and Quilting“.  Sarah describes more about the challenge here.  

Quilters are encouraged to post a photo a day using a series of prompts – for example on day 15, quilters were challenged to post a photo entitled ‘Tea and a Treat‘.  There were so many examples of gorgeous looking cakes (it seems most quilters really like cake!) – it really made us quite hungry.


On day 16 quilters were asked to show what they have made using selvedges.  There were some amazing projects – I’ve never thought about saving my selvedges but I might have to start.  This bucket is so cute, and how about that cassette tape zipper pouch – fabulous:

The challenge also means you get to nosey into quilters’ workrooms – and stash.  It appears that Nick from Quilts from the Attic keeps his fabric really tidy….


…but there were lots of pictures that showed not all quilters are so neat. 🙂

All in all it’s a really fun challenge – and you get to find out lots about quilting all over the UK.  Search for the hashtag #GreatBritishQuilter to find out more.  And don’t forget, if you are on Instagram to follow YoungishQuilters.  You can also find the Guild on there at TheQuiltersGuild.  And if you post any of your makes please do tag us so we can admire your creations.

Don’t forget – it’s really important to keep yourself safe online.  For more information about this, go to BBC Bitesize – or ask a family member or other adult you trust for advice.  

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