Black History Month

Greetings, it is October and that means it is Black History Month. Originally created by a group of black students in the 1970s in the USA (where BHM is held in February),  it was first celebrated in the UK in 1987. The rationale behind this event is to recognise and celebrate the achievements of black people in those places where they have been deprived of their historical framework, particularly in the USA where black people were trafficked as slaves, but also in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands which have slave-owning and trafficking histories as well as colonial pasts.

Over the course of this month we would like to highlight the work of some truly amazing black quilters and stitchers. Black quilters have played a seminal role in quilting history and continue to bring original perspectives in terms of both artistic practice and social commentary. We hope you enjoy our posts this month and that it encourages you to find out more about these amazing artists.

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