Pocket Mascot

I was working with a couple of students this week of Youngish Quilter age, so I ran a few ideas past them for this post.  They liked the idea of a little mascot that would fit in a pocket.   With exams on the horizon, a friendly face, a motivational word or two.  Anyway – this little Emoji guy appeared!


Fabric, Bondaweb,  Thread, Sewing Machine

Size is not important, but probably not too big as it is going in your pocket.  This one was 5″ x 5″.


Fold your fabric in half then find something circular that will fit onto one half (remembering there will be a seam allowance), we used a large spool of thread.

Draw around this circle onto a piece of Bondaweb.

Iron the Bondaweb to a piece of yellow fabric following manufacturers instructions and then cut the circle out.

Iron the circle to the background fabric to one side of your crease.


Using black thread and a satin stitch with the stitch length quite low.  On my machine I used 0.6 which brings the stitches very close together. Stitch all around the circle.

Add the eyes.  Check out any decorative stitches on your machine.  The eyes in the photo are made using the scallop stitch.  They could be made with more satin stitches or even straight stitches.

The teeth are a line of white satin stitches and the lips are two or three rows of straight stitch in red.


On the other side of the mascot we tried to think of some motivational words – but soon realised that there isn’t much space.  I would really like to say to you ‘whatever happens, you WILL be ok’.  Just between you and me; I haven’t always done well in every single exam I have ever taken.  I have even managed to fail a couple of things.  At the time, that was completely the end of the world and my life was ruined.  HOWEVER, that is a load of rubbish.  Things can be retaken, plans can change, often for the better, and I don’t think I can even remember all the times that seemed like the end of the world. Just take a breath and carry on.

So we came up with U R and a star.  Because you are a star.

Use felt and cut out these three bits, or whatever great idea you have.  The felt doesn’t need to be pinned, just rest it on and stitch around using a straight stitch.


Now fold back in half and add a quick seam round the edge leaving a gap for turning.


Carefully snip the corners without catching your stitches and turn right sides out.  Give it a little press with the iron so the fabric at the gap is sort of held inside.


Stuff with polyester stuffing – or we thought some lavender might be really nice and calming.

If you don’t stuff too much you will be able to squash that side down and stitch the gap using the sewing machine.

Job done!



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