Meet Youngish Quilter: Livia

During March we have been exploring the achievements of women stitchers from the past. Today we are fast fowarding to the present and celebrating the wonderful work of our very own talented Youngish Quilter, Livia! Livia and many more YQs are paving the way to the future keeping the craft of quilting alive and thriving. Let’s hear from Livia below…

“Hi my name is Livia and I am 18. I started off as a Young Embroider and became a Young Quilter when a joint membership was offered, travelling to York to the Region 14 YQ group.  I’ve been quilting now for about 5 years (but I’ve been sewing since I was about 4).

I love working with different fabrics and can’t resist fabric shopping (Mum & I have a very large joint stash) I also love how combining different colours can create a whole new design.

I created my Narnia quilt for the 2019 YQ Challenge – Magical Adventures, obviously taking inspiration from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which is one of my favourite book and film series. I decided I wanted to incorporate each major element of the book, including the lamppost and wintery scenery. The lion was inspired by a picture of a quilt I found online while the rest of the quilt was paper pieced with my own designs. All the elements were then appliquéd on to the background, before quilting the whole thing with invisible thread.  I ended up finishing this quilt at 3:00 am the day it had to go in the post for the AGM (and then I had to go to college – so not something I recommend!).

This has been one of my absolute favourite quilts that I’ve made so far and I am delighted to have been invited to display it at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts in August.”



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