We are still here!

Hello everyone, Heather here.  Well what a different world we have just dropped into.  You won’t be needing your lucky exam mascot that was my last offering to you, but you will be needing lots of other things to do whilst we all suddenly have more time on our hands.

I know lots of you will be worried about not taking exams, but if you were planning to go to college or uni, you still will be able to, maybe not quite when you thought you would, but you will go.  All the colleges and universities are going to need new students more than ever once this is all over.  All the pupils from your year will have had the same sort of grading, so that is what they will be using to choose the next students.  Anyway, thats enough from me banging on about that, I expect you are getting advice from everyone.

The ‘Youngish Team’ plan to offer lots of inspiration to you over the next few months.  Sarah H fortunately has a beginner workshop ready to go, so we will be offering a series of blocks, so you could learn some new techniques as well as using some techniques you already know.  These blocks could become a large or small quilt or even just a few cushions.

There are loads of free workshops and patterns on line, so we will be popping lots of links on the site.

In the meantime, here is a video from Missouri Star Quilt Company for a simple block to get you started. 

I have used this pattern with a layer cake (42 x 10″ squares) a charm pack (42 x 5″ squares) and even once with a Moda Mini, the 2 1/2″ squares. That made a little cushion front that needed quite a big border to make it a cushion size, I am well known for taking things too far 🙂 !


If you are a Youngish Quilter, you obviously enjoy crafting which will be a really good thing during these restricted times.  You probably also have someone who has been collecting large quantities of fabric for a long time.  Handy!

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