Youngish Quilter 2020 Sew-along – Making the Churndash

Hello fellow quilters! I hope you are staying well and calm during the lockdown. Sewing is certainly helping me focus my mind and I look forward to making my block each week. This week we’re exploring the Churndash. I hope you’re enjoying making this block as much as me!

I was pleased to read in Laura’s post that I would be consolidating my skills by using exactly the same techniques we have learnt in the first two weeks. I am a beginner and I really need all the practice I can get. I felt more confident creating this block and was a little faster on the machine! I decided to stick with 3 fabrics, incorporating one I’d used in my previous block. I really wanted to use my Tula Pink deer fabric, but it took some careful consideration. The middle block was tricky to cut out but I am pleased that I managed to get it central. It was even harder to position the antlers. I also found the middle row ended up a shorter width…I should have taken more time but I got carried away and too excited on the machine 😀


Laura also spent time thinking about her fabric. She was a little worried she had picked a fabric with too large a print, because when she cut it up, some patches only showed one colour. Although she ended up with some patches all purple and some all red, the overall effect was rather pleasing, like that of flowering shrubs next to a pond.
For the inner square frame Laura used fish fabric. She cut the long strips into two halves so all the fish swim horizontally. However it can be a fun effect to play with directional fabrics so don’t worry too much and go with what you like.
Like myself, Laura had never made a Churndash before! She really enjoyed making this block and the possibilities it offered in terms of achieving different graphic effects. It has a lot of possibilities for use in ’tiling’.
Let’s see what other quilters have created…
I love this churndash created by lunaloo236. The contrast in colours is fantastic and the clever positioning of the patterns really draws my eyes in.
Thanks ransleyamy for sharing your Churndash, I like how the colour pink is repeated in each section, it links the whole block together.
The Guilds’ Membership Officer, Carol, has been taking part in the sew-a-long too! This is her pirate/sea themed block, aye aye captain!
Rachel is part of the Youngish team and we love her choice of fabrics, personally these are some of my favourite colours! There is some lovely mark making patterns in these fabrics.
Lastly we’ll finish with Sarah’s block. My eyes lit up when I saw this, the modern fabrics are so striking and the simplistic patterns are incredibly effective.
Don’t forget to post pics of your work on Instgram, we would love to see them. Please tag us @youngishquilters and hashtag #youngishquiltersBOW or #imayoungishquilter
See you Friday! 🙂

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