Youngish Quilter 2020 Sew-along – Block 4 – Ohio Star

Hi there! I hope you are enjoying our block of the week so far, I know I am. I’m Rachel and I am going to talk you through the next block in the project: the Ohio Star.

Ohio star

The Ohio Star is probably one of my most favourite blocks to make. It’s a nine-patch block using quarter square triangles and it looks so good when it’s made. If you’re anything like me, you will want to jump right in and get making, but I would recommend reading through all the instructions first. This block incorporates a couple of techniques so it’s best to get an overview of what you will be doing first and then get making. Trust me, I know from experience!

You will need to select three fabrics for this block. I went for a feature fabric for the central square and then two contrasting pink fabrics for the star points and background.

Ohio Star 1

Next, is the all-important cutting list. You will need to cut the following from your fabrics:

Fabric Size Quantity
Central square (flower print) 3½ x 3½” 1
Star points (pink polka dot) 4½ x 4½” 2
Background (solid pink) 4½” x 4½” 2
Background (solid pink) 3½ x 3½” 4

Ohio Star 2

  1. Take your two 4½” star point fabric squares and your two 4 ½” background squares. We are going to use these to create quarter square triangles which make up the points of the star. Quarter square triangles start as half-square triangles. We made half-square triangles for block 2 our Friendship Star and block 3 the Churndash, remember?
    No problem if not, here is a quick reminder! Place the two contrasting fabrics right sides together and draw a diagonal line on the back. Stitch ¼” either side of the drawn line. Repeat this step so you have two lots of sewn squares.

Cut along the drawn line to separate the two half triangle units. Open out and press carefully. You should have four half square triangle units in total.

Now to create our quarter square triangle units. Draw a diagonal line on the back of one of the half square triangle units (so it crosses the central seam) put right sides together with a second half-triangle unit with opposites fabrics touching. (In my block this means the pale pink is touching the polka dot pink).  Make sure the diagonal seams are firmly butted up against each other and pin.
Sew ¼” either side of the drawn line. Cut apart on the drawn line and press.
Well done! You’ve made quarter square triangles. These just need trimming down to 3½”. Remember to use the diagonal line on your ruler to get an even trim around all four sides – and keep the centre point in the centre.

If you feel you need some further assistance with making quarter square triangles Edward and the White bear has a fantastic tutorial on Youtube:

  1. Now for the fun part. Lay out the pieces ready to put together. Assemble the block in rows. Press the seams to the side. Have a look at the back of mine for how to do this.

We want our star points to stay as pointy as possible! So when pinning together aim to sew across the top of the star point seam. Have a look at the picture below for reference.

Now, there is quite a lot of bulk in those seams so I have pressed the two central seams open.

Ohio star 17

And voila, you should have your finished block measuring 9 ½”. Doesn’t it look fab?

Ohio star 18

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