So this week is extra special as you get two blocks for the price of one! We’re going to make a Windmill block (below) – and a block with the layout of your choice as well. So when you’ve completed this tutorial you’ll have six of your sampler quilt blocks made – halfway!!

Windmill finished

Over the last three weeks you’ve learnt to make half square triangles and quarter square triangles – this block uses a combination of both. Can you see in the picture above – the dark blue/star fabric is in half square triangles and the orange and light blue fabrics are quarter square.


Fabric Size Quantity
A (dark blue) 5½” x 5½” 4
B (light blue) 6” x 6” 2
C (orange) 6” x 6” 2

Windmill 1


  1. Use the 6” squares (fabrics B and C) to construct four half-square triangle units. I know you’ve done this several times now but a quick recap in case you need it…..
    Put the squares in pairs right sides together. Draw a diagonal line on the back of one of the triangles in each pair. Sew ¼” either side of the line and cut along the line.
    Press the seam towards the darker fabric. Trim these units to 5½” square.
    Windmill 4
  2. Draw a diagonal line on the back of each half-square triangle unit – the line needs to cross the central seam.
    Windmill 5Put each one right sides together with a 5½” square of fabric A. Sew ¼“ either side of the drawn line. Cut apart on the drawn line, open up and press seam towards the large triangle.
    Square up units to 5”, keeping the diagonal seam central.
  3. You should end up with eight units which have a half-square triangle and two quarter square triangles. If you look at these carefully you will see there are two slightly different units – as shown below. If you can’t see the difference immediately, look for the position of the orange triangle.Windmill 8

Sort into two sets of identical units – four in each.

Windmill 9

4. Now you get to choose your block layouts. To begin with, layout each set of units into the windmill design. They are very similar but they are different.

Choose which layout you prefer for your Windmill block. One way of making your choice is to take a photo of each block and see which you like best on your screen– sometimes it’s easier to see this way as you are ‘distanced’ from the block and can see the design better.

5. Sew the four units together that you have chosen for your Windmill – sew into pairs, nestling the diagonal seams together and then join the pairs, matching the points in the middle. Press carefully – you may wish to open the central seams. The block should measure 9½“.

Windmill finished

6. Decide on a layout for the remaining units for your second block. It could be a regular, symmetrical layout.  Or you could pick something entirely different – it’s completely up to you. Try lots of different options before you make your final choice. Again, it can help to take photographs of the different layouts to see which you prefer.  Some of the layouts I tried for my block are below but there will be more.

Once you have chosen your layout, stitch your second block together. Do you like the design I chose or would you have picked something different?

Windmill bonus finished

If you can, show off your blocks on Instagram. It’s always amazing how the same blocks look different depending on the fabrics chosen. This week, the blocks really will look different as we’ll all choose different layouts. Don’t forget to use the Sew-along hashtags – #ImAYoungishQuilter and #YoungishBOW2020 so everyone can find them. I can’t wait to see your blocks!

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