Youngish Quilter 2020 Sew-along – Making the Windmill and bonus block

Hello! We hope you have enjoyed the lovely sunny Bank Holiday weekend and made the most of the sudden drop of temperature to join our sew-along. This week we made not just one, but two blocks! Properly like magic.

How have you been getting on with the stash that you chose for this project? I’ve found that I chose too many fabrics with directional prints and I also needed some paler colours to make the patterns stand out more. So I’ve added some pinks to my selection.

Here is my version of the windmill:

my windmill

For the bonus block I thought about it long and hard, and then ended up with exactly the same arrangement as in Sarah’s tutorial:

bonus block

I like how the fish seem to be on an exciting journey through enchanted forests here, but my points didn’t quite match up and I’m not sure why. I’ve had some difficulty with the seam allowances, and maybe that caused the problem. Oh well, you can’t win them all – we’re all learning, after all, and mistakes just mean that the quilt was made by a human being, not a machine.

Heather is going for lovely summery garden fabrics with a pop of turquoise:

Heather windmill

I think I love it even more in her alternative block:

Heather bonus

Rachel is going for soft 1950s tones:

Rachel windmill

She’s really brought out the windmill pattern very effectively by going for such high contrast in her fabrics. Her bonus block is just slightly different:

Rachel bonus

Can you see the difference? I’ll admit, I had to look twice!

Here are Sarah I’s blocks, the finished windmill on the left and a work in progress on the right, it just needs sewing up now!

There was some great work on Instagram under #youngishbow2020. Hilary Jackson (hilarynott)  has been making her blocks out of New York themed fabric, and I really liked how the yellow taxis give the impression of a road full of traffic in her bonus block:

Hilary bonus

Joanne Crossland (lunaloo236) has been using some seriously funky colour combinations, which have yielded great results:


Please do share your efforts on Instagram using #youngishbow2020 – we love seeing all your work!

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