Youngish Quilter 2020 Sew-Along: How is it going?

whole quilt

Hello, we’ve been a little quiet on the Sew-Along front after posting the final set of instructions, probably because we were all a bit knackered from keeping up with our posting schedule! If you haven’t yet finished your quilt, or indeed would like to start, all the relevant posts are tagged as BOW Sew-Along 2020.

We thought it might be interesting to check in with the different members of the Youngish Quilters team to see how our quilts are looking and what we enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy!) about the Sew-Along challenge. Today we are taking a look at Laura’s quilt.

close up

I really enjoyed this project. At first I worried it might be a bit too much, as I was balancing the sew-along with work and I already have a lot of unfinished projects. But I found the project gave me something to look forward to every Friday, and I enjoyed having the structure in place of making a new block every weekend. It helped me to differentiate week from week (quite hard during the lockdown) and to stay connected with fellow quilters.

For my fabrics, I chose some leftover fabrics from a dress I’d made as the key accents. It was nice to use up something that was just lying around without purpose and not to have to buy new things. I enjoyed thinking about how I was going to put my block together and which elements I wanted to emphasise. Some were more successful than others, and I gained a lot from looking at others’ work on Instagram.

I found the Drunkard’s Path block, for which I had to do the tutorial, the hardest, and I ended up re-making it, as I didn’t like the colour-ways I had selected. I’m really happy with it now, and more confident tackling curves.

I had to adjust the size of some of the blocks. My Railroad Fence block was too small, so I gave it a little frame, which I think actually makes it look better.


Sashing and choosing cornerstones did take a long time, but it was great seeing the quilt come together. I had planned to machine quilt, and even borrowed a walking foot off Heather, but then realised that without an extension table for my sewing machine the result would probably not be good. I haven’t done much machine quilting before and decided to hand-quilt (which I secretly prefer!) in various colours. As you can see, I’m still working on that, but I am already loving the quilt and can’t wait to put it to use.

Please do share your quilt, finished or not, on Instagram using #youngishbow2020. We love to see them!





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