Youngish Quilter 2020 Sew-Along: How is it going? – Part 2

Hi everyone, Sarah I here!

Hope you enjoyed hearing from Laura last week, I am super impressed by her finished quilt – absolutely beautiful!

So you may be like me, a little behind with the Sew-Along…but that’s ok! There is plenty of time to finish so don’t worry,  all the instructions are still here and available for you to use.

I started this project as a complete novice quilter and I have learned SO MUCH since April. Like Laura said, I also looked forward to the weekly instructions and review posts each week, definitely a treat during lock down. Getting started was quite hard, even getting used to the sewing machine.

I’d like to share with you a few highlights throughout my journey so far…

  1. I love this block, a favourite of mine.. I don’t know about you, but I have a pile of gorgeous fabric that has been waiting to be used, so it was a pleasure to use it for this.fave block
  2. I made a few mistakes along the away, had to unpick various parts of blocks to get it right. Mostly sewing the wrong sides together. I learned it’s so important to read the instructions carefully and re read!!
  3. Cutting the fabric precisely takes a long time but is SO worth it and makes it easier in the long run.
  4. I’m really enjoying working out the placement of my blocks, cornerstones and sashing!quilt
  5. You’ll notice I had to add a border on my drunkards path block like Laura did! For some reason is turned out a little smaller than it was supposed to. Not going to lie, I struggled with this block, but I am pleased to say I finished it, it’s not perfect but I’m quite proud of my attempt.
  6. Unfortunately when I re-sized the blocks to make them all the same, some have lost their points! It’s all a learning curve.
  7. I’ve started to sewing everything together and I’m enjoying seeing it develop.quilt 3
  8. Lastly, I’ve been a bit naughty – I’m half way through making a baby quilt for my friend (using beautiful Lewis and Irene fabric). I should really have finished the Sew A-long quilt first but got distracted – does anyone else have this problem with their sewing? 😀 I definitely have caught the quilting bug!baby quilt

We’d love to know how you are getting on with your quilt! Don’t forget to tag us on insta @youngishquilters


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