Youngish Quilters Sew-along: How’s it going part 4

Hi – it’s Sarah H here. I have very, very, nearly finished my quilt from the sew-along. I have about half the binding to sew down – and I might go back and do a bit more quilting – but I am so nearly there.

I really enjoyed the sew-along – it encouraged me to get to my machine and do some sewing each week, even when I was feeling a bit sorry for myself during lockdown. My favourite bit though has been seeing the blocks and then the quilts other people have made – it’s felt a bit like we’re all sewing together, even when we can’t. I have found a few on Instagram and Facebook but I’m sure there’s lots more out there – don’t forget to tag us as if you post photos of your quilt!

Sue has shown how variations in piecing and colour placement can make the blocks look really quite different. I love the skinny sashing too. She quilted this using the ‘quilt as you go’ technique so the back is amazing as well as the front.

Sue said she really enjoyed working on it during lockdown and has fallen in love with solid fabrics.

Karin has made TWO fabulous quilts

She says she’s “chuffed to bits with them” – and I should think she is as they are gorgeous. I love the idea of these being on beds side-by-side – I wonder if that’s what she’s going to do with them.

Hilary also made two quilts.

I have seen the finished versions of these quilts but I couldn’t find the photo I’m afraid so the tops will have to do. These use some New York prints she got on a holiday along with complementary solids – a great use of some treasured, memory fabrics.

Jo’s colour choices are really rich – and the dark sashing makes the colours pop.

She’s added some extra blocks to make her quilt bigger. As has Ingelhoe:

The more muted tones of this quilt are beautiful – check out her Instagram feed for close-ups of the blocks which all feature fabulous text fabrics.

I love them all!! Do keep the photos coming. 🙂

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