New Year, New Inspiration, Irem Yazici Inspired Project.

I have taken inspiration from Irem’s pieces that decorate clothing and made a badge. I also have to confess that I bought her book ‘Tiny Stitches’ and it is very good. Lots of inspirational patterns to trace, but better still, at the back of the book is an envelope full of iron on transfer patterns! However, I am very mindful of copyright and have designed this little pattern myself and the technique for this badge is not from the book.

Now, you may have tried embroidery, you may have not. DON’T PANIC! The stitches used in this project are very simple. I am fairly certain you know running stitch which is the up and down one stitch at a time stitch. All the stitches in this project are simply that, but arranging them in certain ways. I am going to use You Tube to show you the stitches. I am sure you know it is much easier to learn something if you can see someone actually stitching it.



An Embroidery Hoop if you have one, not crucial.

Thread and needle – I used the 6 stranded sort that comes in little skeins, but whatever you have.

Cardboard (I used a cereal packet)

A marker pen – I used Frixion

A safety pin or brooch back pin.

A 2p and a 5p coin



My badge is the size of a 2p piece. Your badge can be any size, but the technique can just be the same. If you are going to use an embroidery hoop, you r fabric needs to be big enough to fit into it. If you aren’t using a hoop, I would suggest fabric at least 6 inches square because any smaller would be very fiddly to hold.

Draw around the 2p piece in the centre of your fabric. Draw a cotton reel in the middle of that leaving a small space around it.

I stitched the cotton reel first, the strip at the top and the bottom, using satin stitch. I used 2 strands of thread from the 6 stranded thread. Cut a length that measures from your hand to your elbow. Now, here is a good tip. To separate the strands use this method.

Hold all the threads and pull one thread at a time upwards and out. This way there is no tangling.

Now here is the link to You Tube and satin stitch.

Here it is.

I finish my thread by slipping it through the stitches on the reverse and then snipping it off

Next stitch the thread on the cotton reel. For this I used just one thread, this makes it look smoother. First stitch the lines you drew across the reel to give you sections to work and to help keep the thread straight. Don’t worry if you notice any gaps, just go back and add another stitch.

To make the needle, use 2 strands of thread and stitch two long stitches. I added anther little stitch at the top end to look like and eye. Lastly stitch a loop of thread through the eye the same colour as the thread on your reel. I put a tiny stitch around that to hold it. (Check the photo at the top of the page)


You need to cut the fabric in a circle about 1/2 and inch bigger all the way around than the 2p piece. I found a medicine measure from some cough medicine, the top edge, was just the right size. Cut out the circle with the embridery on it and another of plain fabric to make the reverse side of the badge.

Cut two cardboard circles using the 2p as a template.

Cut two circles of felt, one using a 2p as a template and the other using 5p

Make the reverse side first. Stitch with strong thread all around the edge of the circle leaving a long end at the beginning.

Once stitched, take both ends and draw the fabric up around one of the cardboard circle.

Tie the thread in a knot to hold it. Now stitch the safety pin to the fabric using a few stitches along the straight wire that doesn’t unclip. Before you finish off stitch a few stitches through the circle of wire at the end. Those stitches will stop the safety pin slipping across and showing when you wear your badge.

Repeat with the embroidered circle but this time place the 2p felt on the cardboard and the 5p felt on top of that. This creates a little padding under the stitching.

Stitch the front to the back using tiny stitches.

Job done!

I hope you enjoyed this workshop. As usual, once I start something I often get a bit hooked and this was no different. I also made this:

This one is stitched on felt. The heart is filled with ‘long and short stitch’, bordered with ‘satin stitch’ and edged with ‘split stitch’. The felt circle is edged with ‘blanket stitch’ The whole piece is mounted on a marmalade jar lid! You might have been inspired to make some designs of your own and these stitches are really useful for filling all sorts of shapes. The links to all these stitches are here:

split stitch:

Blanket Stitch

If you are inspired to make anything from this workshop, we would love to see it. We are youngishquilters on Instagram.

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