New Year, New Inspiration – The Frida Kahlo Project

This week we are making Frida Kahlo inspired key rings so you carry around with you the strength, courage and creativity of Frida every day 😊 All you will need is:

  • colourful felt
  • embroidery threads
  • needle
  • key ring chain
  • scissors
  • stuffing (or cotton wool)
1. Cut out two skull shapes with felt (mine are 3x4in). Make sure they match – they will make the front and back of the keyring.
2. Cut out eyes, nose, teeth, monobrow and a flower using different coloured felt.
3. Straight stitch the eyes on using a different colour. I’m using orange on blue here so they really stand out!
4. Stitch on the other features. Use black thread to add teeth. Fix your flower in place and add leaves. You can even stitch on some patterns like I have on the cheeks.
5. Now it’s time to blanket stitch the back and front of your colourful skull together. You can find out how to do blanket stitch here.
6. At the top use a thin strip of felt to create a loop for your keyring chain. Stitch in place. Continue with blanket stitch around your skull.
7. Before you complete stitching the whole way round, don’t forget to add stuffing inside!
8. Secure your last stitch in place and tuck any lose thread inside the skull edge.
Your keyring is complete!
Carry your Frida keyring with you every day!
Try using other colours and experiment with your stitches 🙂

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