Introducing our Summer theme: Mend!

The Summer months here at Youngish Quilters are going to be all about mending. After the awful impacts of the pandemic which has now lasted for a year and a half, we all have a lot of mending to do: emotionally, physically, in terms of our mental health, our relationships, our education, our health system, our economic structures, our social cohesion, our international relations even, as long as vaccines are unevenly distributed across the world. Witnessing and experiencing trauma and injustice hurts us, and we have a lot of fixing to do.

Luckily, mending is something we stitchers are expert at. Not only are our quilting skills incredibly useful to extend the life of our garments, helping us to reduce our fashion consumption and thus lighten our load on the planet (which needs mending, too); but also, we are more than aware of the relaxing and meditative effect sewing can have (at least, if you are not trying to meet a Festival of Quilts deadline …).

For this reason, this Summer we will be looking at the theme of ‘Mend’ from different perspectives: the literal interpretation of mending, where we look at fixing a rip in a textile; but we will also explore the work of artists who use mending; mending ourselves and each other, in the context of health and well-being, our own and that of our environment.

We all hope so much that we are starting to be on the mend from the effects of Covid-19 and hope you will enjoy delving into mending with us.

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