The Loving Earth Project

As part of our Summer theme of ‘Mend’, today’s post highlights a project that might keep you occupied if the remaining weeks of the Summer holiday don’t turn out to be all that sunny.

Rachel’s post ‘Mending for the Soul’ discussed the positive benefits sewing can have for mental health and to calm anxiety. If, like so many, you are feeling anxious about the climate and biodiversity crises, maybe the Loving Earth Project could provide a solution.

The project invites stitchers to consider someone or something they love which is threatened by environmental breakdown, to consider how our lifestyles contribute to that threat, and what could be done to reduce that threat.

If you would like to, you could stitch a 30×30 cm textile panel about this theme, and send it to the project along with a short written statement. The textile panels will be displayed at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in November in Glasgow and afterwards become a travelling exhibition. Below is an example:

The project’s website (click here) has lots of ideas and resources as well as an introductory video.

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