The amazing thing about this project is that is ‘no stitch’, but looks like patchwork! I first saw one of these when I was lucky enough to win one in a Quilters Guild tombola. I made it my business to find out how it was made and today I am giving you a link to a Youtube workshop by’Mister Domestic’. The only hint required is that he mentions using ‘fabric sizing’, that is just something which slightly stiffens the fabric, so spray starch would be the same. It isn’t crucial, and a spray with some water before you iron the folds would also work. The link is here:


Following on from Tuesdays ‘Improv Tree Block’ I had an idea to repeat the technique and make it smaller.

. I cut two fabric rectangles 3″ x 4 1/2″. This produced blocks small enough to hang on my Christmas tree! I cut backing fabric the same size as the finished blocks and a pieces of ribbon about 4″ long. I pinned the loop of ribbon to the top of the tree and placed that right sides together with the backing fabric. After stitching around the edge with my sewing machine, leaving a gap I turned it right sides through. After adding a tiny amount of wadding I repaired the gap. I added blanket stitch around the edge and some running stitches around the tree for extra decoration. Finally a little bell. I think it looks really cute and is already on the tree!



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