Exhibitions to visit in the holidays

Depending on how the Omicron variant of the coronavirus will develop (sigh …), here are some ideas for places to visit to get some quilty inspiration whilst schools are closed:

Image by The Bowes Museum


The Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle (yes, that Barnard Castle …) is a lovely small museum of arts and crafts in the North of England. Its exhibition ’North Country Quilts: In Celebration of New Acquisitions’ is only on until the 9th of January, so hurry along! The website even features a virtual walk-through, so you can assess its covid-safety before you go. There are also some lovely Christmas gifts available online, like the exhibition catalogue or the Sanderson Star cushion pattern. Plenty to explore even if you can’t make it in person! As the name suggests, North Country quilts have a long history in the area and can provide lots of inspiration for quilters today, especially in the careful (re)using of materials evident in these beautiful quilts.

While you are in the North, pop along to Berwick, where the Granary Gallery is displaying ’Quilts: Resurgence’.


Here, you can see selections from our very own Quilters’ Guild Collection and work by contemporary quilters whose practice has been inspired by historic quilts such as those displayed here. The exhibition is co-curated by quilt artist Pauline Burbidge, whose work also features. This exhibition ends on 6 February 2022.

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