Book Blocks

Here’s a fun idea for all you bookworms out there! Quilt artist Margaret Fleisher set herself a 100 day challenge of making quilt blocks to match books, and the result were amazing!

We’d love to encourage you to have a go at something similar, so we had a go ourselves and we’d like to share the process with you.

First things first pick your book! I went for this one which has a few bold colours to work with

Next, pick yourself some fabrics that will match your book cover

Make sure that your cat approves your choices

Next, you want to think about how to translate your book design into a block. You have the choice here to keep things geometric and make your block by piecing, or use appliqué to get some more exact shapes. I decided that I wanted to use piecing, and went though a few design options

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

In the end I decided that option 1 was too simple, and option 3 had some deceptively tricky piecing in it. Option 2 struck the happy medium between simplicity, and still capturing enough of the original book cover.

Next you want to cut out the pieces that you will need for your block

And then stitch together your rows

And here was my end result!

I absolutely loved this process, and I am very tempted to carry on and make a whole quilt out of my favourite books! Just as soon as I figure out how on Earth to make this one 😬

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