Round and Round and Round

I know it’s that time of year when school work gets pretty full on, but I thought it could be a good moment to encourage you to take a little time to try some ‘slow stitching’ and de stress.

Recently I have been very inspired by Heidi at @Honeyfolkclothing. She is a forager and natural dyer, makes clothes AND gorgeous stitched pouches. She sells downloadable patterns for various things AND has two free patterns; coaster/pincushion, which I haven’t tried and a ‘patchwork pouch‘ which I have. If you go to the website and pop these patterns into your basket and checkout, there is no payment to make.

It is tiny and I keep my 3 thimbles in it. So far this is working well. I am forever losing my thimbles!! This is the reverse side of the same pouch

So cute and you can add as much stitching as you like. As you can see more is more for me.

Even more meditative and calming than this pattern ‘The Spider Web Pouch’ which isn’t free but there is a YouTube video demonstrating the stitching which goes ’round and round and round’ there is a link to it further on. It is basically blanket stitch, you may already know how to do that. I have decided to add a spiderweb to a sample I made for the Blog about ‘The Gees Bend Quilters’ when I showed you how to make a ‘House Top Quilt‘. Here is that little quilt:

and here it is now:

I am going to keep going until I can’t add any more.

If you watch Heidi’s video about the stitching, she is using an embroidery hoop. To stitch this mini quilt I am not using a hoop.

I did not draw so many circles on my quilt; just 4 with quite large gap between, just to help me keep on track.

I am using various embroidery threads, making sure that I change my needle to suit the thread. If the thread is thick, I use a thicker needle – you need to make a hole big enough for the thread to pass through.

I am not rushing this, I am ‘slow stitching’ just enjoying the process.

The YouTube video is here.

If you search out @honeyfolkclothing on Instagram there is lots of stitchy eye candy there in all the previous entries!!

I have bought the spiderweb pattern and here is the stitching;

and here is the pouch:

The stitches make it lovely to hold.

I contacted Heidi and she is very happy to be here in our blog!

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