Black History Month: Sarah Ann Wilson and Harriet Powers

Today we're going to take a look at some examples of historic quilts made by quilters. First up is this lovely album quilt by Sarah Ann Wilson: (image by The Art Institute Chicago) This elegant quilt, featuring delicate floral and animal motifs, is notable for its depictions of black people in the central row. The … Continue reading Black History Month: Sarah Ann Wilson and Harriet Powers

Happy New Year!

Of course many of us make personal resolutions for the new year but what about making a quilting resolution? Why not set a creative goal for yourself this year? Finish that project you've been meaning to complete or learn something new! We'd love to hear your resolutions, leave us a comment below telling us what … Continue reading Happy New Year!


I'm one of those people who responds really strongly to colour. I love bright colours, the brighter the better, mostly! Pink and orange is my favourite colour combination, and subtlety is not really in my palette. However, it has been such a beautiful autumn so far, and I can't help but be drawn to some … Continue reading Colour