Excitable Edgar!

We were very excited to see the John Lewis Christmas advert and can't believe how cute excitable Edgar is. If you fancy sewing your own dragon, Sew Magazine have a free sewing pattern to make your own adorable creature. Click on the link below to find the project. You'll need to register your email address … Continue reading Excitable Edgar!

Christmas is coming!

In need of some new table decorations for Christmas dinner? Look no further...Sew Magazine have some free sewing patterns you can use! All you need is some jazzy Christmas fabric and you can make your own personalised coasters, placemats and even napkins. 5 weeks until Christmas...plenty of time to get stuck in! https://www.sewmag.co.uk/free-sewing-patterns/christmas-placemats https://www.sewmag.co.uk/free-sewing-patterns/patchwork-star-coasters https://www.sewmag.co.uk/free-sewing-patterns/cross-stitch-napkins  

Bonfire night fingerless gloves!

It's bonfire night next week! That means hot chocolate and toffee apples! Fingerless gloves are so useful (not just on bonfire night!), so why don't you take a look at Hobbycraft's fingerless gloves project. If you love knitting, this is definitely for you. Relax this weekend and get that wool out! https://blog.hobbycraft.co.uk/how-to-make-bonfire-night-fingerless-gloves/ Learn how to keep safe … Continue reading Bonfire night fingerless gloves!

Black History Month: Quilting, Race and Ethnicity…

What, if anything, is distinct about quilts made by members of one racial group or another? The answer is easy! We cannot generalise. There are been far too many quilts made by people of different race and ethnicity to attach such generalisations. Despite this, many curators and collectors have tried to distinguish the differences among … Continue reading Black History Month: Quilting, Race and Ethnicity…